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Cast of over 50 taking part - time to book NOW


John Ives, our ACC (Creative Activities) and the Gang Show Chairman says:

GS18largeWhat is a Gang Show?
Gang Show is a fantastic Scouting tradition which dates back to 1932 when a Rover Scout called Ralph Reader wrote and produced the first ever show. It was performed by a group of Scouts in London’s
Scala Theatre and took the format of a variety show, which was filled with songs, dances and comedy sketches. The format of modern Gang Shows is relatively unchanged from that very first show – although naturally the themes, scripts and music are updated for today’s audiences. And nowadays, Gang Shows aren’t just performed in London; they are performed all over the world – including right here in York!

York Scout & Guide Gang Show
The York show is thought to be one of the longest-running in the country and follows in the fine tradition of Gang Show. It is produced and performed every two years at Joseph Rowntree Theatre in York by an amazing cast and backstage crew comprising Brownies, Cubs, Guides, Scouts, Senior Section, Explorers, Network, Young Leaders and Leaders from York and Selby. We pride ourselves on being a fully inclusive show; there are no auditions to join the cast and all individuals are welcome, regardless of ability, disability or special needs. If you want to take part, you’re in the Gang!

Why come and watch our show?
GS18 smallOur shows are the culmination of months of hard work and dedication by the producer, directors, backstage crew and cast. Everyone involved gets so much out of Gang Show: new skills are learned, confidence is grown, friendships are made… but one of the main reason they do it is to entertain YOU! Without an audience, quite simply, there is no show. We have a Christmassy theme this year with some fabulous items including a potted pantomime as well as a Glee-style riff off and dancing in a 1950s diner. It promises to be a good one so come along, show your support for the 2018 Gang and enjoy a fun-filled evening (or afternoon!) of dazzling entertainment!

For further details contact; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can watch our promotional video at:

Are YOU ready for a really good show?

Latest version of the 'Water Diary' now on line

sail banner

The Water Activities Team have opened up the bookings for the Paddlesport, Sailsport and Windsurfing events for 2019 including the Bellboating in York in May. The Bellboating evening slots will be opened later in the month after we have tested refinements to the booking system for this.

Once again we will be planning an "Open Day" at Ellerton for Leaders and Permit holders to enable new (and old) leaders to find out what we have to offer, details will be advertised later in the month after the Water team meetings but pencil in the date now - 23rd March.

Also new for this year is a training day for those who wish to deliver the Dragon Boat badge on the 31st March the details of which are being finalised and will be available by the end of the month. The day will follow the Bellboat permit training day on the 30th March.

Please keep watching out for new events being added during the next few months.

A full copy of the latest version of the diary is to be found HERE

All looks good - and plenty of variety!


Some awards now delegated to Districts to decide

awards banner

Every adult who gives their time to Scouting supports the development of young people and without them Scouting and the adventures it offers simply would not happen. However, there are those who make an extra special contribution and carry out task and commitments outside of the requirements of their role and our Good Service and St George’s Day Awards are intended to recognise that additional contribution and thereby express the appreciation of the Association and in particular that of the Chief Scout.

Take a look at the NEW County Awards Policy which takes into account recent Scout Association CHANGES for the approval of some important awards that can now be decided WITHIN Scouting Districts.

With decision-making for some awards now delegated to District Commissioners, to support them in their decision-making, they may wish to establish a District Awards Advisory Group/Panel, but are not required to do so. Commissioners can manage awards in their areas in different ways: some may wish to completely devolve the decision-making, while others may wish to take personal responsibility for them. This approach gives Commissioners the flexibility to manage awards in the way that works best for their Districts.

You can find the NEW County Awards Policy (including links to the Scout Association's site) HERE

Changes indeed - Make sure YOUR District knows about these important changes!



Short November Break

holiday season

Just to inform everyone that the County Scout Office will be closed from Tuesday 13th November 2018 and will re-open on Monday 3rd December 2018. During this time emails and voice messages may NOT be picked up. 

N.B The Office will be staffed for short periods to deal with some enquiries.

In cases of EXTREME EMERGENCY (only) please contact the Scout Information Centre at HQ on 0845 300 1818 or, after hours, the Duty Media Office or the Duty Safeguarding Officer using the out of hours service on 07977 539630.

Business as usual after this Winter break!!



He is currently part of the QSWP (Queen's Scout Working Party)

lest we forget 2

Vince Jenner (1st Holgate, Ebor District and York Active Support) was amongst 30 members of the Queen's Scout Working Party that represented The Scout Association at this year's national Remembrance Sunday ceremony and parade at The Cenotaph in London.

vince 1Taking place exactly 100 years since the guns fell silent at the end of the First World War, Vince said, "It was a great honour to represent North Yorkshire at this momentous event, to remember former Scouts and leaders who made the ultimate sacrifice, and those who lived on with the consequences of having served their Country."

On a personal basis, Vince was remembering his two grandfathers: one of whom served in modern-day Iraq in the First Wold War and was in the Home Guard during the Second World War; the other, a volunteer fire-fighter at the height of The Blitz. He was also thinking of late uncles and great-uncles who served in both conflicts, many of whom told him of how their prior involvement in Scouting had prepared them for their war service, with a sense of camaraderie, leadership skills, personal resilience and self-reliance.

Scouting also played a significant role on the home front, particularly during the Second World War when Scouts were involved in many roles, especially those associated with civil defence. This area of work evolved into what is referred to today as emergency planning and this is what Vince does as his 'day job'. Given this long history that Scouting has in helping communities in times of crisis, Vince commented that, "our motto: 'be prepared' has as much relevance today as it did when Scouting was founded over 110 years ago and never more so than during some of our Nation's most challenging times during the intervening years."

Reflecting on the day, Vince said, "with Scouting available to young people in all but six countries across the Globe, I'm more convinced than ever that our World-wide family; our understanding of each other's cultures and beliefs; and, our shared values can all make a significant contribution to global peace and to helping avoid such devastating conflicts in the future."

QSWP2On another note, Vince also says:
In 2019, the Queen’s Scout Working Party - a National Scout Active Support Unit made up of Queen’s Scouts who support national events and the Top Awards - will be celebrating it’s 75th anniversary.

To mark the occasion, they are inviting former members of the QSWP to a celebration event at Gilwell Park in October 2019.

If you are a former member and would like more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details. Why not look also at their website at

Well done Vince - let's hope others follow in your footsteps


200 Club Oct 18In North Yorkshire Scouts we are fortunate enough to have a lot of adult leaders who are qualified to instruct our Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts and Explorer Scouts in various outdoor activities pertaining to their age ranges.

200 Club Anyone can join

To allow our young people to enjoy the myriad of exciting Scouting activities costs us a lot of money - joining our 200 Club is one of the ways that YOU can help us to achieve our goals

If you join our 200 Club - HALF the money you pay quarterly goes in PRIZES and the other HALF goes towards our County Scout Funds - this is a way of raising money for North Yorkshire Scouts AND allows YOU the the possible thrill of winning one of the ten prizes in our Monthly Draw - EVERY MONTH!

We DO need your help - numbers of members participating are reducing and, therefore, so is the money we can add to our County Scout Funds. PLEASE join and help if you can! 

If you are interested in finding out more about the Draw (or joining it) please contact David, our County Secretary, at the County Office NOW!


To North Yorkshire Members


We have now opened applications for eligible young members to join the County contingent at the Euro-Jamboree 2020 in Poland.

Information about this exciting adventure and opportunity, along with the on-line application form can be found HERE.

The deadline for applications is midday on Monday 10 December 2018.


Mrs. Johanna Ropner appointed

Jo Ropner banner 2

Jo RopnerOn behalf of all Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Explorer Scouts and adult leaders across North Yorkshire, the County Commissioner, Mark Edwards, extends sincere congratulations to Mrs Jo Ropner on being appointed Her Majesty The Queen’s Lord-Lieutenant for North Yorkshire. We look forward to meeting Mrs Ropner once again in the months ahead as we continue to develop our young members and give them skills for life.