Equality Rules OK?

Ensuring 'Equality' for ALL


This article is, in the main, from this month's edition of 'INGLEBORO INFO' - the newsletter produced in, and for, Ingleborough Scout District:

por2The Scout Association falls under the Disability Discrimination Act and is deemed to provide a service to the public or a section of the public. Scouting at every level needs to make reasonable adjustments to the services it provides to overcome barriers to access.

"In the latest edition of The Scout Association ‘Policy, Organisation and Rules’, there has been some modification to the wording of the rules relating to disabled members. As independent charities, all Scout Groups have a duty to comply with the relevant equalities legislation.

Even when it is hard to do so, everyone needs to make “reasonable adjustments” to support all young people with disabilities. This means, as far as is reasonably possible, young people with disabilities should be able to enjoy Scouting activities to the same level as young people without disabilities. This may involve recruiting additional helpers to work one to one with a young person and can be enhanced by working in partnership with parents and carers to identify needs and support strategies. Any additional action is well worth the effort as it brings rewards for the young person and their family, as well as other youth and adult members."

"Reasonable steps" should also be taken to identify any young people with disabilities in the Section/Group.

(See POR Rule 3.11b for further guidance around what reasonable adjustments means).

Thanks Sue and Gill for 'sharing' this with the rest of the County - I'm sure it will make people THINK!