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Thu 27 April

'FREE TRAINING' and 'SET UP GRANTS' for new Groups and Sections

North Yorkshire County Executive help to Groups and Districts

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Here are some some key spending and policy decisions approved at a meeting of the North Yorkshire Scouts County Executive Committee on Thursday 16 March.  From 1 April 2017 the County Executive has approved the following:

free trainingAbolition of Charges for County Training

1. No charge for 1-day (or less) County Training courses; however, a failure to attend a booked course will result in a charge.
2. No charge for County Young Leader training courses.
3. All other County Training courses, ie. 2 day courses, will continue to incur a charge, as they are now.
(As a result, almost 100% of County Training will not incur a charge and any member already booked on a course from 1 April and who has paid, will be reimbursed.  This will be arranged by the County Office after the Easter break.)

Help for Groups by way of Financial Grants etc.

1. The County will pay a £250 grant for each new section set up within an existing Group.
2. The County will pay a £1000 grant for the first Section setting up in a new off the press
3. In a Group's first year, a County Loan for up to 70% of HQ and County Subscriptions can be applied for. The details and payment terms (over 12 months or less) will be decided in due course and agreed by the GP&F committee before publication.

4. The County will fund the County Badges to new Sections and Groups for the first year.
(These spending policies will be reviewed in 12 months time - and an important note - the C.C. will determine a time limit for the restart of Groups and Sections, so that the start up financial support from the County is not undermined.)

Wow - what a 'booster' for Groups and individuals and a great incentive for adult training

Well done North Yorkshire Scouts' County Executive!