North Yorkshire Scouts

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Thu 27 April

Boroughbridge once more 'on target'

Cubs AND Scouts enjoy toxophily


This from Anne Collins of 1st Boroughbridge:

BBA2"Meeting in the same place one after the other enables the Cubs and Scouts of 1st Boroughbridge to occasionally take part in the same activity. So it was that on one of their Friday meetings in March, both sections enjoyed an evening of archery, led by Jimmy. 

Having set up the hall with well protected backboards and targets, the basic rules were explained and the Cubs were off! Potential 'Robin Hoods' could be identified and, with practice, all improved rapidly.

It was then time for the Scouts to have a go and all were able to use the specially designed bows to hit the targets on nearly every occasion. So another great evening was had by all."

Thanks Anne for the report - sounds like the evening had a real 'aim' to it!