North Yorkshire Scouts

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Thu 27 April

York Districts Chess Championship 2017

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts were ALL eligible


Here is a report from JOHN IVES, the local York Active Support Manager:

We recently held our YAS Chess Championship  which is a regular and pleasant annual event.

chess 2Sub-divided into appropriate age groups, the Championships is run on a game by game scoring system with a maximum of 10 minutes per game. Interspersed with the competing games are games provided for pure fun such as playing in pairs and a circular game where the participants effectively compete against themselves.

It is amazing how young people can mix enthusiasm, intelligence and fun in a pastime game that others consider too complex to even attempt.

active support  During rest or 'none playing time' a theme or side activity is provided to occupy the idle mind.

  Each entrant received a Certificate of Participation with each age group receiving a Winner's Trophy.

  The winners of the competition were;

Primary Winner (6 - 8 year olds) was Max Moody 1st Holgate (Phoenix) Cubs
Junior Winner (9 - 10 year olds) was Isaac Goodall also 1st Holgate (Phoenix) Cubs.

With many thanks to Y.A.S and all the Competition participants for their part in making it an enjoyable and worth while event.