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Fri 24 March

New Edition of P.O.R dated March 2017 available

Shows changes in Appointments, Activities and Disclosures.

POR March 2017

Scouting’s Policy Organisation and Rules (POR) provides support and guidance to help us all run Scouting. Following reviews and consultations with members, a number of updates have been made to create the March 2017 edition.

These include:

• District and County Leader roles being added to the Appointments Process.
• Updated guidance on Snowsports.
• Clarification and update on rules regarding Personal Enquiries and Disclosure checks.

POR smallerIf you want to see the complete amendment schedule for the March 2017 issue - click HERE

Other than that, look at the Scouting HQ website at for the full March 2017 P.O.R.

The amendments are small but significant - have a look