Message from the New County Commissioner


This from MARK EDWARDS who took up his new role as CC of North Yorkshire from 1st May 2017:

Dear Fellow Scouters,  Friends & Supporters of North Yorkshire Scouts,

Mark EdwardsWell here we are!  It does not seem like just 5 weeks since my appointment was announced. Since then, it has been a whirlwind of information gathering, meetings and lots of learning.

I am very honoured to be able to serve as your next County Commissioner.  I promise that I will lead with integrity, fairness and respect, and most importantly with the young people we serve at the heart of every decision I make.

I am keen to take our huge County on the next stage of its development. Having attended Summit 17 at Warwick, I was enthused and excited about some of the priorities emerging from HQ for the next 5 years. I hope to share these with you as I meet with you at meetings scheduled over the coming months.

I am keen to make some changes to the way our County is led; this will involve some new roles and perhaps some refocusing of existing positions. I hope to be able to let you know more about these at the start of June with the hope that you will support me in continuing to offer the highest quality Scouting for our young people. Coupled with this, I want us to be able to offer the best support we can to our volunteers.

We are all in this great movement together and we need to support each other as well as to challenge respectfully and question why we are doing some things and how they can be made even better.  So, my first request for support comes in the form of communication.  I know from every organisation that I have worked in that this is always an issue.  However, we all have a responsibility to interact with systems we have in place to get information. To that end, I intend to use Have you Heard?, the County’s monthly newsletter, as my main means of disseminating ideas and information and I hope to contribute to each month’s issue, outlining the key priorities for the County that month.

NYbadgeWe have over 2000 leaders in North Yorkshire with just under 1000 signed up to Have-u-Heard?.  My initial fact finding mission has revealed that only a fraction of the 1000 leaders actually open the email each month. So here is my first challenge. Can I encourage those that read Have You Heard? regularly to encourage others in your group to do so.  Then, find just a little time each month to open it and find out what is going on. I would love to report a huge increase in sign up in next month’s issue.

The best way to contact me is via email or phoning the County Office and David will pass on messages.  I will endeavour to get back to everyone as soon as I can, but we need to remember that like you I am a volunteer, with a job and family commitments.

So, onwards and upwards, bring on the challenge! I look forward to meeting many of you as I journey around the County and thank you all for the time and commitment you give on a weekly basis to serve our young people.

Yours, in Scouting,

Mark Edwards

County Commissioner 

Thanks, Mark, for these encouraging words - I'm sure we will ALL support YOU and each other.