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Several Districts from the County regularly feature on this, YOUR own County's Website....and do you know why?

your website needs youIt's because they TELL us about what they are doing and want to SHARE the exciting things they do with others.... in the hope of encouraging others and giving them ready made ideas or activities to participate in.

It can be about a Camp, an Adventurous Activity, an especially interesting Meeting from your weekly programme, a trip Abroad, OR ANYTHING that other members of the County might be interested in. 

If you wish to SHARE something that your Group or District has done, then please just drop a few words (and a photo or two if possible) to the North Yorkshire County Scout Office at Thirsk. [email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.] and, if we think it appropriate, we will do our very best to SHARE your adventures with other thousands of Members in our 'Great County'. It doesn't have to be long, just bullet points will do and we can do the rest!

Well, it is YOUR website, so why not be PART OF IT?