Could YOU 'Escape' the 'Catchers'?

Explorers 'mostly' manage to evade Capture!

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This from SARAH at 'Escape Admin':

On a bright sunny Saturday, on 21st October in Market Weighton, 11 Explorer Teams arrived to participate in this year’s Escape. The hide-and-seek wide game was held across the Yorkshire Wolds. Teams walked from Market Weighton to West Heslerton over 24 hours, dodging the rain and the adult Catcher teams along the way.

escape 2The Explorers performed remarkably against the autumnal weather: the only casualty was a pair of walking boots whose soles fell off (luckily we had a spare pair ready!) The sheer determination and skill that these young people displayed was inspiring. They were constantly out-smarting the Catcher teams with ingenious hiding spots and evasion tactics.

The winning team were Centurion ESU from Pickering who were only caught by the Catchers twice. Our Catcher teams were also in fierce competition, with representation from Explorer Leaders and Network Members across Yorkshire, Lancashire and even as far afield as Cotswold Edge. The winning Catcher teams found and caught our Explorer teams over 30 times!

This year was the 5th Escape, and each year we’re getting bigger and better. The event is organised by a dedicated team from York Ebor District, who are all aged under 25, and includes Ebor’s two District Youth Commissioners.

Next year’s Escape will be held at another Yorkshire location on 27th-28th October 2018.

Explorers are already looking forward to next year's event!