Samuel & Oliver help after a road accident

Both are called 'Inspirational Ambassadors' for Scouting in the County of North Yorkshire

CCs Cert

At the recent Ripon & District Annual Christmas Carol Service, a local Explorer Scout [Samuel Spencer] and a local Scout [Oliver Mays] were each presented with a County Commissioner's Certificate of Appreciation for the help that they provided when coming across a 'Hit & Run' road accident involving an elderly gentleman.

Mike Collins, the Group Scout Leader of 1st Boroughbridge Group says; "Both lads were sent to deliver a letter (to our house, actually though we were out planting bulbs with the Scouts!) and as they cycled home they came across a accidentroad accident on the Boroughbridge to Dishforth Road  at Milby. An elderly gentleman from Kirby Hill, who they knew through the Church and village communities, was out walking his dog and had been knocked over by a passing car which had not stopped. Rob (the victim) was very dazed -  the driver of a passing car which also pulled up said he was unconscious on the verge but soon came round. We happened to be passing and seeing the boys and the bikes by a parked up car thought they were the victims! Between them and the other passers by, Samuel and Oliver had the traffic controlled on the very busy lane until the police arrived and an ambulance called. They were able to talk to Rob and look after his dog before the ambulance arrived and whilst the Paramedics dealt with their patient. They were stood around for a long time in the cold, but did also think to let their parents know where they were and would be late home! Rob (the victim) is now at home and badly bruised down one side where he was hit by the car's wing mirror, shaken, but otherwise OK.

The County Commissioner, Mark Edwards, having heard about this stirling work, decided to Award them each with a "County Commissioner's Certificate of Appreciation".

Writing personally to each of them he said  - "Dear Samuel & Oliver - I was delighted to hear of your inspirational community service last weekend when you both came to the help of a road traffic casualty on the Boroughbridge to Dishforth Road. It is such acts of kindness and community spirit that are at the very heart of Scouting and you both proved not only to be outstanding local citizens but inspirational ambassadors for the Scouting movement. You proved without doubt that the skills for life which Scouting provides are invaluable not only to individuals but to the community at large. Your Scout Group, Explorer Unit and Scout District should be immensely proud of your actions. I have therefore awarded you BOTH my personal certificate of appreciation. My sincere thanks once again for being an outstanding Scout & an outstanding Explorer Scout who have upheld our Scouting values and in doing so came to the aid of a local citizen; you both should be justifiably proud."

I'm sure that EVERYONE in the County will echo those sentiments - well done Samuel and Oliver!