KNOW who YOUR line manager is?

Every Adult in Scouting has one!!!

line manager

Here is a message from David Forster, our County Secretary:County Sec

"Hi everyone.  I think one of the first pieces of invaluable advice I received when I joined the County Office was given to me during 'Essential Information' training - that everyone in Scouting has a 'line manager'. 

That said, it’s surprising on my travels how many members either don’t know or are unsure who their Scouting line manager actually is!

With this in mind, the County wishes to set a good example as we begin the New Year in a positive and friendly frame of mind, with some line management clarity.  -  With an increased County Team, last month the County Leadership Team (CC, DCCs, County Youth Commissioners & County Chair) considered the line management for the new team and agreed that it should be adopted with immediate effect.  The list shows the CURRENT County Youth Commissioners and shows EVERY CURRENT member of the County Team and who THEIR line manager is.

The full list can be accessed by clicking HERE ....or looked for on the Support / Policies and Guidance tab on this website.

Have a look now, it's important to understand the structure - AND then check that ALL your Scouting colleagues know who THEIR line manager is.