Jamboree 2019 preparations well under way

Unit 32 hold a 'working weekend' together

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The 'purely' North Yorkshire Unit to the World Scout Jamboree in 2019 in the USA have already met together for a very productive weeekend.

32 unit badgeThey have named themselves the 'Yorkshire Terriers'. - Already they have come up with an 'Information & Policy' document about 'Codes of Conduct', 'Mobile Phone Guidance', and what to do in various differing scenarios.

All of these will be part of the Unit's Patrol Handbook which will be completed by the time they depart in the summer of next year.

You can see their 'thoughts to date' on the Jamboree page on this website by clicking HERE

Well done to the Unit - the more planning done, the better the event will be enjoyed!