Whitby Scouts start a '100 Club' to help with their Fundraising

Group celebrate 50+ years and continues to GROW

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This from Janine Pemberton, their G.S.L.:

Esk 1"As we all know, the Scouts are the UK's biggest mixed youth organisation and they continue to grow every year. Despite that, fundraising can sometimes be a difficult task for local Groups and whilst the Eskmouth Group in Whitby aren't currently having trouble financially, they are looking to prepare for the future with a 100 club.

Typically a 100 club is a group of people who come together to raise funds for a good cause usually by running a private society lottery. People who join our club have purchased a numbered ticket which goes into a regular draw. When the draw is made a percentage of the profit is given as the prize, and the remainder goes to the good cause – in this case, the Scout Group's Funds."

It costs £3 per month to enter and the prizes are a £1,000 Winter Draw, a £500 Summer Draw, and a monthly prize of £20

For more details and an application form, email j9pemberton@gmail or call Janine on 07880 498283.