Ex-Boroughbridge Leader helps to get Army to Sponsor the Scout Mechanic Activity Badge

The Scout Mechanic Activity Badge is now partnered by the Army (REME - Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)

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Mike Collins, GSL of 1st Boroughbridge Group, tells us that he has had the following communication from Trevor Holding who was a Leader with the Boroughbridge Group for a while during the time he was posted to Dishforth and, since moving on, he has helped to get the new Scout Mechanic Badge sponsored by REME.

Army 5Trevor writes to Mike: "I am writing to you today because I wanted to give you a small update on what Dylan (son) and myself have been doing since we left Boroughbridge Scout Group. I know it was around 8 months ago but we would never have started if it wasn't for you.

Dylan moved on to Cubs and settled in almost immediately. After enjoying being an Occasional Helper at Boroughbridge Beavers I decided that I would join as a Leader and I am now ACSL in Lyneham Cub Scouts. I would like to thank yourself and the rest of the Boroughbridge Scout Group for introducing both Dylan and myself into Scouting,

Shortly after moving to Lyneham I approached REME Regimental HQ and put forward the proposal that the REME sponsor the Scout Mechanic Activity Badge and the Army have taken it forward and, in this quarter's Scouting Magazine (in the GOING WILD section), it is being advertised (pages 10 & 11).

I hope that the Boroughbridge Scout Group will take up the challenge of completing the badge and that you can turn to your Scouts and say that 'one of the guys that pushed for the sponsorship was one of my leaders and I introduced him to Scouting'."

Mike expects that Trevor will be heavily involved with an event for the Mechanic Badge which is being run by the Scout Association and the Army for 300 Scouts on Saturday 28th April 2018 (To celebrate the launch the partnership, the Army are hosting a Scouts Takeover Day at MoD Lyneham on the 28th April 2018 to earn their Scout Mechanics Badge. Scouts will learn from professional REME engineers and will perform the badge practical tasks on a variety of Army equipment, including tanks and helicopters!)