Jamboree 2019 Application

Please read through the form carefully and thoroughly before you start to complete it.
Make sure that you have all the information to hand, including a Microsoft Word (Windows), Pages (Mac) or PDF reference (less than 2MB in size) from a Scout Leader (NOT FAMILY RELATED) and a passport style photograph (less than 5MB in size) on your device which will be suitable for uploading.

TIP - It is a great idea to prepare all your statements and entries before hand in a plain text editor like Notepad and copy and paste them into the form when you are happy with them

Section 1 - Personal Information

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Section 2 - Scout Membership

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Section 3 - Parent / Guardian Declaration

Please note - it is possible for most eligible Scouts with known special needs, medical conditions or behavioural issues to take part in Jamborees.
It is a condition of participation that we must be fully informed in writing well in advance about any of the above, so that an appropriate assessment can be undertaken and any extra necessary provision made.
This is essential so that the safety and well-being of all - leaders, contingent members and the individual concerned - can be protected.
A separate assessment will be undertaken in relation to each camp and usually involves a discussion with the participant’s parent/guardian, as well as the participant’s Unit Leader.

Please state any special needs, medical conditions or behavioural issues relating to the applicant

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I agree to commit my son/daughter to participate fully in all camps and fundraising activities as required by the Jamboree 2019 training and preparation process, and also to arrange travel to and from such events.

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I give consent to North Yorkshire County Scout Council to hold the information contained in this application in order to help administer the County Jamboree 2019 process before and following the 24th World Scout Jamboree.

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I give consent, where part of the training that the applicant may participate in, includes archery and/or air rifle shooting, in line with current Scout Association guidelines and regulations.

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I agree to the taking of photographs of the applicant whilst participating in Jamboree activities, solely for Scouting use.

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Section 4 - Why do you wish to attend the 24th World Scout Jamboree?

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Please explain in no more than 250 words, why you would like to attend the Jamboree.(*)

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Please explain in no more than 250 words, what particular skills you would bring to the Jamboree contingent.(*)

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Please explain in no more than 100 words, your Scouting nights away experience and what you gained from this.(*)

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Please tell us about your hobbies and interests, likes and dislikes, and any other interesting or unusual facts about yourself.

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Jamboree 2019 Application Information

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